In April 2016, Thinkerbell Labs had the honor of winning in the Tech Rocketships award – an initiative by the Department of International Trade (UK). The Tech Rocketships award brings together promising startups and investors. Expert mentorship provided by DIT helped us explore the UK market for the first time.

Post winning the Tech Rocketship Awards, Thinkerbell Labs was invited to the VIEW Conference in Birmingham, UK, in March 2018. Annie was launched globally at the conference.

Thinkerbell Labs conducted a workshop for the QTVIs at the event to demonstrate the impact of Annie on Braille self-learning. The Thinkerbell Labs stall was set up for a day for demonstrations.

The Thinkerbell Labs stall with Annies on display

The QTVIs at the conference accepted Annie with great enthusiasm after recognizing it’s potential. The overwhelmingly positive response of the QTVIs at the conference resulted in the stall being set up for two consecutive days with teachers, guardians and visually impaired users lining up to try Annie!

Annies displayed in all available colors