6 Lives Impacted.

1 Annie Gifted.

Literacy can Save Lives

The braille literacy rates among the 285 million visually impaired is abysmal.

In India, the braille literacy rate is less than 1%.

Braille plays a vital role in providing gainful employment opportunities to the blind.

Our Mission

Thinkerbell Labs is working towards providing equal opportunities to the blind through inclusive education and self-learning.

Our team is working tirelessly to improve learning outcomes among the 62 million visually impaired in India.

How are we empowering the Blind?

We’ve built Annie – The world’s first braille teaching device that helps the visually impaired learn to read, write and type in Braille, on their own.

One Annie helps 6 visually impaired children learn braille on their own, bringing them one step closer to achieving their dreams.

How does Annie help the Visually Impaired?

For Students

Annie enables braille self-learning through audio-guided content created in partnership with braille experts ensuring interactive learning and improved classroom engagement. With Annie, a visually impaired child can learn to read, write and type in braille, on their own.

For Teachers

Teachers are provided with the Annie companion app that enables them to plan lessons, conduct tests and deliver home work. Annie addresses the issue of constantly required supervision and hand holding - a major pain point with the current braille teaching pedagogy.

For Patrons

With Annie, a parent or a regular teacher can be involved in a child’s braille learning process without knowing braille. The dashboard also allows them to consult a braille expert when required. This makes Annie fit perfectly fit in an inclusive school setting.

300 kids in India are waiting for their Annies!

What can you do to help the Visually Impaired?

Each of the listed schools have provided Thinkerbell Labs with a Letter of Intent, an expression of their interest in procuring Annie devices.

A patron can buy Annie device(s) for beneficiary students at these schools, bringing them one step closer to having equal opportunity.

Patrons will be provided with the details of the school that has received the device bought by them. They will also have access to the Annie analytics platform, Helios, to visualize the impact Annie has made to the student performance.

Beneficiary SchoolDevice Requirement
Jagriti Blind School for Girls5
The Poona School and Home for the Blind Boys5
The Poona School and Home for the Blind Girls10
Vision Blind School10
Devnar Foundation for the Blind5
Provision Asia5
National Association for the Blind, Goa5



US$ 144 can make a visually impaired child Braille Literate!


India₹ 60,000
United Arab Emiratesد.إ 3,200
United States$ 860

Delivery Timeline

The campaign will run for one month, and the devices will be deployed in the respective schools in the month of August.

The Fully loaded unit cost is inclusive of hardware, content, deployment, training and monitoring.

Break the Barrier

Braille illiteracy denies a visually impaired person of equal opportunity and independence.

This Ramadan, buy an Annie and help 6 visually impaired children break this barrier.