Our Culture

Our culture revolves around its people and their values – it doesn't hide in the guise of a table-tennis or snooker room. We're a team of starkly different people with common values, so we believe in being compasses and not maps. We deeply believe in what we do, which is what brings us together.

Our organization culture is an amalgam of who we all are, and what we believe in. As a result, it changes constantly as long as it’s in line with our core values:


We're building a multi-million dollar organisation that aims to impact hundreds of thousands of stakeholders. But we don't lose track of the outcomes we're working towards at an individual level. Each learner is a success story that keeps us going and reminds us why we do what we do.


We strongly believe in viewing our teammates as people. As a path-breaking team that works to level playing fields, the going gets tough sometimes. Through thick and thin, we strongly believe in having each others' backs, and ensuring that everyone has their own as well.


Transparency and ownership are not just buzzwords within the team. We believe that honesty, transparency, and communication is key to building an effective team.


We believe in leadership that is organic, and not titular. The team members at Thinkerbell Labs take up ownership and drive projects by themselves – we don’t believe in work being handed down.


Personal growth goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the organisation. Exposure to various aspects of the business and the ability to work across themes gives teammates the flexibility to grow.

We’re a team of diverse, open-minded, borderline-eccentric people that complement each other perfectly, resulting in Thinkerbell Labs being more than the sum of its parts.