Frequently Asked Questions

What is Annie?

image showing annie parts such as speakers, twin big cells, six standard cells, standard keyboard, wi-fi, bluetooth, writing pad and navigation keys

Annie is the world's first braille self learning device that comes with reading, typing and writing modules.

Annie guides students through gamified and interactive coursework, resulting in improved learning outcomes among students.

How does an Annie help a child?

Annie's tactile hardware modules are tailored to teach. This coupled with audio guided lessons and interactive content engages the student to learn at their own pace and keeps motivation levels high.

How does Annie help parents and teachers?

Annie's analytics gives parents/teachers an overview of the child's performance. Metrics like content completed, hours spent, performance in lessons etc. help the educator understand the needs of a child. The companion app gives the parent/teacher the option of creating or customizing the content. Scheduling tests or homeworks, monitoring the performance of the child or adding a new user are just a click away. Annie creates an ecosystem for the student and parent/teacher that is not just seamless but is also very convenient and easy to understand.

Why do we need Annies?

Low literacy rates among the 285 million visually impaired around the world has a grave impact on employability and economic growth of nations. To address these issues, it is essential to make inclusive education available to the visually impaired.

What additional softwares do you get access to?

Along with an Annie, you also get access to the Annie Companion App, The Analytics Platform, Content, Software Updates and more.

Does the educational content provided align with real world outcomes?

The content on Annie is created with the real-world outcomes in mind. The gamified interactive content is created to keep students engaged as they learn to type, read and write in Braille.

What content comes pre-installed?

The pre-installed content that comes with an Annie is premium content designed and developed with domain experts in literacy and pedagogy.

How does one evaluate and track student performance?

Annie's data is captured and converted into easy-to-understand analytics to help access a student's progress through lessons and the overall classroom performance.

Can one customize content?

Yes. Annie comes with a content creation platform on the companion app that gives a parent/teacher the independence to alter/create lessons based on the student's needs.

Can one buy new content?

Yes. Annie Marketplace is a library of great content designed to help each student tap their potential at their own speed. Parents/teachers have the flexibility to buy courses as they go.

What is a Braille smart class?

A Braille smart class has a collection of Annies deployed together to create an Annie ecosystem connected through a local server. Each student in a smart class is given an Annie to go through the content and curriculum designed by their teacher. The local server here syncs the user progress data and enables over-the-air content and software updates.

What are the contents of an Annie box?

Annie, Adapter, User manual, and lots of Love.